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The Products

Ewe Knit Knacks started with three collections; Smitten Mitten, Honey & Lavender, and Slip Slip Knit. We currently have six collections and a few extra accessories and tools. The three new collections are Sorry I'm Booked, Birds of a Feather and Frolicking Fantasy. The new accessories and tools we have are Mitten State Sock Forms, Stitch Marker Bracelets, Needle Gauge Lanyards/Chatelaine and Cozy Toes Stitch Markers. 

 Visit us on Etsy to purchase!

Smitten Mitten

Sorry I'm Booked

Sock Forms

Honey & Lavender

Birds of a Feather


Slip Slip Knit

Frolicking Fantasy


Cozy Toes

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