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Our Story

Meet Courtney, the woman behind Ewe Knit Knacks. Growing, loving and knitting in Grand Rapids, MI. Courtney is excited to bring her passion to other avid knitters. Ewe Knit Knacks, established in 2019, is excited to team up with other local businesses to bring fiber creation accessories to other passionate makers. 

Shop Local

Ewe Knit Knacks is currently in six stores in Michigan. You can now find our collections at fiber festivals, in local shops and online. Check out the shops and festivals below for a chance to see our items in person. 

Shop Our Goods In Persson

-Yarn on Front in Dowagiac, MI

-Michigan Fine Yarns in Livonia, MI

-Nautical Yarn in Ludington, MI

-Plum Tree Yarn Shop in Milan, MI 

-Artisan Knitworks in Chelsea, MI

-Yarns to Go in Alpena, MI

-Sandpiper Yarns in Bridgman, MI

Festivals in 2021 

-Spring Fiber Expo in Ann Arbor, MI 

-Summer St Clair Harvest Festival in Goodells, MI

-Fall Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival in West Branch, MI

-Fall Fiber Expo in Ann Arbor, MI  

-Fall The Holiday Market at The Fulton Street Farmers Market in Grand Rapids, MI

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